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Liquid Glass Shield introduces the HEFLEN spray system for professional use in most surface coating applications including Marine and Automotive sectors. This unique system is able to spray very thin nano-coatings (5 microns) to high solids (500 microns) in almost all situations due to its unique delivery system.

Key Advantages over existing systems

1. A low energy spray gun able to spray a wide range of materials including solids from 2% to 75%. Five microns to Five Hundred microns wet application.

2. Premium construction with lifetime warranty. Unique ID and registration system for each unit.

3. Significant hazard reduction for operator and the environment. Exceeds current European Heath & Safety directives and betters the EPA spray gun T.E. by 30%

4. Working pressure as low as 3 PSI with micro fluid flow and 25 PSI on high (60%) solids.

5. No bounce-back mist, so reduction in airborne over-spray due to low velocity and larger droplet, which improves flow characteristics.

6. Highly adjustable dual-chamber design giving controlled film thickness and optimum fan patterns.

7. Spray surfaces with minimal masking.

8. High efficiency, which reduces waste by 60% therefore delivering vast savings over traditional paint spray systems.

9. Significant reduction on spray facility maintenance and running costs.

10. Reduced Carbon footprint for end users.

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